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Available Color/s: Gray

WALL N FLEX 907 is a permanently elastic, one component, gun grade polyurethane construction sealant. It is a low modulus sealant with excellent adhesive properties and resistance to ageing and weathering. Wall N Flex 907 is designed for the sealing of vertical expansion and construction joints.

Used for:

  • Precast Cement Connection Joints

  • External Walls

  • Cladding Joints

  • Window Frame to Wall Joints

  • Door Frame to Wall Joints

  • Bonding of Roofing / Roof Tiles

  • Sealing of Ventilation Ducts

  • Sealing of Gutter

  • Sealing of Spouts

  • PVC Window Frames

  • Retaining Walls

  • Bridge & Balcony Parapets

  • Weatherproofing of Joints

    • Bricks, Block-work, Masonry

    • Wood

    • Concrete

    • Metal


  • Should NOT be applied to:

    • High levels of chlorine

    • Continuous water immersion

    • Frozen or Wet Surfaces

    • Through standing water

    • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause discoloring

    • Below -5°C & above 40°C temperature

    • Curing in the presence of curing silicone sealants

    • Contact with alcohol & other solvent cleaners during cure

    • Totally confined spaces as sealant requires atmospheric moisture to cure

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